Wikimania 2014

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It has now been a few weeks since I returned from Wikimania 2014. The event was enjoyable. I met lots of interesting people and interacted with some new and exciting projects that I would not have been able to if I had not attended. Looking back at the conference, I have some thoughts.

  1. Wikimania has grown to the point where it needs another non-hacking day. There are just too many people giving too many interesting talks to fit everything into a weekend. Having the talks start on Thursday would allow participants to attend more things.

  2. London is a beautiful city and I miss it a ton. It has a great vibe and energy to it. I wish that I could have stayed for more than a week.

  3. I am very good at avoiding having pictures taken of me. So far, there are more pictures of my laptop than there are of me in the photo set on commons. While I did skip a day to go do touristy things, I find this kinda impressive. (I am a bearded white male that isn't on the WMF staff, so I look like every other wikipedian.) The upside of this is that pictures of me won't appear in any strange places on the web. The downside is that I don't have a new profile picture for all of my profiles.

  4. It is sad that I am still seeing new articles about the monkey selfie meme.

  5. It was nice to see other wikipedians in person.