How I'm Taking the Election

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I posted this on Facebook in response to a comment from a guy I went to high school with (and haven't talked to since 2011) in response to this interesting map. I liked it so much, I am cross posting it here.

Wow this went over like a lead balloon. Since apparently I need to handle people with kid gloves that I haven't seen in 6 years, here's my spiel:

I have kept my Facebook politics free. I have my personal opinions, but I have kept them off Facebook, because I have people on here that range across the world-wide political spectrum. Frankly, I know that no one is going to change their opinion because of what I post.

I am a data scientist who mostly works with maps. I posted this because "fewest moves between two outcomes" problems are interesting to me. If HRC was elected, I would probability be reading about the same thing.

Beyond the academic questions, I posted this because it shows exactly how gerrymandering works by cracking and packing electoral groups. I can change the electoral boundaries and vastly swing the election.

Since this seems to be about my feeling here they are: I am unhappy that HRC lost but I accept that this is the outcome under the rules that have existed since time immemorial. What I don't accept is that several policies are going to be passed through without a fight. I have donated to the ACLU and EFF and I will be donating to a reproductive rights group. I am engaging with my elected representatives in congress. I am a consultant for groups trying to run moderate democrats in red districts. In other nations, the opposition party is called the "loyal opposition". My trust in the system of checks and balances is deep. For right now, I am the "loyal opposition".