About Me

I’m Tom Fish, a Copenhagen, Denmark-based geospatial technologist and (neo)liberal.

I spend most of my time working on GIS analysis and data visualizations for Maps for the Getaway. I also volunteer with the Neoliberal Project as the Chair of the Steering Committee. When I am not doing the work that I am paid to do or political work, you can find me hiking or writing Wikipedia articles.


Finding the way once is luck. Finding the way twice takes a good map.

My work sits between those of a traditional GIS analyst, developer, researcher, and cartographer. Before my move to Denmark, I worked on the The DHS Program as a utility man on a small team of geospatial researchers. Currently, I am a content creator for Maps for the Getaway and an independant consultant. If you team is in need of geospatial work, drop me a line. I am open to flying around the world and have worked in the fields of global heath, enviromental science, and law enforcement over the past decade.


Our people are torn by infighting. Until the two sides reconcile, our laws can carry no meaning.

I volunteer with an idiosyncratic and ragtag group of people known as the Neoliberal Project (part of the Center for New Liberalism at Progressive Policy Institute) as the Chair of the Steering Committee. We are a group of, mostly, millennials and zoomers who are interested in free markets, a robust social safety net, free trade, social justice, and pragmatic policies.


Knowledge itself is neither good nor evil. Just as the wrong book in the wrong hands could doom all existence, the same book in the right hands could save it.

I am an active volunteer on Wikipedia where I serve as an administrator, functionary, and Arbitration Committee Clerk. Between January 2015 and December 2016, I served a two-year term as a member of the Arbitration Committee. Most of my contributions have been administrative, but I have also written about protesting religious brothers and sisters, public art, (Appalachian) folk music, and Norman Rockwell paintings.

Other Work and Interests

I’ve been all over this world. I even remember some of those places.


Blog and Standard Disclaimer

For a while, I maintained a blog on this domain. A few of the posts live here, the rest exist in the ethereal of the Internet Archive. The content of my musings (either here, on Wikipedia, on my Substack, or on Twitter) are own, and do not speak for my my employer(s), my school(s), or any other person, body, or organizations.

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