Mardi Gras

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I spent the last week in New Orleans with my old college roommate, Mason, and had a blast. Unfortunately, I have a very limited number of pictures, mostly from the first day, due to my android acting up. (Curse micro USBs)

We had a mishap on out way to the airport and had to fly standby. Luckily, we were routed through Dallas, TX and I got to go to a Whataburger again. It was just as good as I remembered from a year ago.

I explored the sculpture garden near the New Orleans Museum of Art and City Park.

City park was amazing, and it had the other Morning Call location. I sipped my daily diet coke and munched on some beignets as I soaked up some sun. The weather was one of the stars of the trip. While the weather in Maryland has been unusually warm, the lack of sunlight can get me down. I really needed to see the sun, and this trip defiantly helped the problem.

I got to see the city from above,

and ventured into Mos Eisley Spaceport. I have never seen a place as depressing as Bourbon Street during the day. The clientele that is interested in cheap beer and less-than-fully-clothed women at 3 PM is some of the saddest people I have encountered.

I got a real hurricane.

I saw parades from the street

and a rooftop bar.

I got sunburned from watching too many parades. I ate a gazillion Calories of the best food ever from Parasol's, Middendorf's, Mandeville Seafood, SoBou (Laura Bellucci is amazing), The Camellia Grill, Snake and Jake's, and so many more great places; and proceed to burn all of them off by walking 12 miles through crowds. I had the chance to listen to the best in up-in-coming jazz at Blue Nile. There is a zero percent chance that I will forget this experience.

In all, I have to say that New Orleans rates as one of my favorite cities that I have visited. The food, the people, and the atmosphere are superb. My advice is to check out the food hard, and maybe skip Bourbon Street. During the day it is depressing, and at night it is so packed and so sleazy that you want to take a shower.